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MemberIf you want to help the library but are unable to donate your time, you can become a member.

If you:

  • believe in the value of literacy and learning
  • love your Ottawa libraries
  • want to support your library
  • want to become a member of a winning team

The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association is the right choice for you.

With its multiple bookstores, specialty sales, and community involvement, the Friends have become the leading fundraising friends organization in Canada. Join us and become a proud member of a group that supports our public libraries and fosters life-long learning.

What are the benefits of membership?

We understand that community members want to be informed and have their voices heard. As a member of FOPLA, you will:

  • have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
  • be given advance notice of FOPLA events and activities

To further recognize our members, we give them:

  • a membership card and a $5 gift coupon redeemable at any FOPLA bookstore

But most importantly, as a member you will:

  • be able to speak as a strong advocate on behalf of our community
  • know that you are giving back to your library
  • know that you are advancing the mission of the library
  • feel good about supporting a resource that helps our whole community

You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

Become a member of a winning team

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“I like knowing that I’m supporting a good cause.”

“I worked for the library for 25 years and I still want to give back.”


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For more information please contact or
613-580-2424 x14383