Our Organization

FOPLA is comprised of three groups who participate in our decision-making, ensure that our goals are met, and contribute to the Ottawa Public Library.


Over 300 Ottawans from all areas of our community volunteer with the Friends, and without them we couldn’t be successful! From sorting books to managing stores and serving on the Board of Directors, our volunteers contribute their talents and time to support their public libraries.

The talent and commitment of our volunteers is something the Friends are very proud of, and volunteers are proud of their work giving back to the library.

Click here for more information about our volunteer opportunities.

Board of Directors

The FOPLA Board of Directors carries out and coordinates advocacy efforts, performs financial services for Local Committees, and allocates funds raised towards any activity or program that it deems appropriate. These are the people who keep pushing FOPLA to achieve more!


FOPLA has two part-time employees who provide a constant link between our community, our volunteers, our supporters, and our Board of Directors. Contact the FOPLA office with your questions.

Read the FOPLA By-laws here

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Board of Directors

Chantal Cloutier, President
Vlad Uher, Vice-President, Marketing & Special Projects
Penelope Gould, Vice-President, Operations
Bryant McNamara, Vice-President, Communications
Matthew Geigen-Miller, Secretary
Brenda Rosenberg, Treasurer 

Local Committee Representatives: 

Carol Kerfoot (Ottawa Local Committee) 
Josephine Norton (Goulbourn - Rideau Local Committee) 
Judy Evans (Nepean Local Committee) 
Heather Murphy (Kanata Local Committee) 
Colin Plows (Cumberland - Orleans Local Committee) 
Vacant (Greenboro Local Committee

Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association Employees

Jackie Young, Communications Coordinator & Administrative Assistant