With general oversight over the Board and Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA) operations, the president promotes and guides advocacy and fundraising activities, the maintenance of membership, and strategic planning. The president serves as a public representative of FOPLA and communicates with the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) to determine the library's needs and support its programs and events. The president also coordinates joint activities with the OPL Foundation, an important partner in ensuring a healthy library system.

VP Operations

The vice-president of operations plays a leading role in fundraising activities, coordinating and overseeing common bookstore procedures and book events. He or she looks for new ways to raise funds, which are used to support local libraries and our OPL system. 

VP Communications

The vice-president of communications stays on top of library and FOPLA news and manages advocacy efforts. Playing a pivotal role in ensuring that FOPLA has a voice in City budget discussions, he or she represents our grassroots viewpoints in support of a strong and vibrant Ottawa Public Library system.

VP Marketing and Special Projects

The primary duties of the VP Marketing and Special Projects will be to focus FOPLA support to the OPL’s New Central Library campaign, integrate into the OPL planning framework and ensure FOPLA’s activities and strategic messaging aligns with the OPL approach.  


The treasurer has the primary responsibility of overseeing the financial health of our organization and ensuring that FOPLA’s gifting processes run smoothly, giving the most money to the OPL as possible. The treasurer provides oversight on all of FOPLA’s financial transactions, attends all Board meetings, and provides a financial report that allows FOPLA to effectively manage its funds and meet its objectives. He or she also provides financial advice to the Board of Directors. The treasurer coordinates the preparation of the annual budget and the annual financial audit and completes all financial reporting to provincial and federal governments. 

Secretary to the Board

The secretary to the board is the glue that holds us together. He or she maintains FOPLA’s corporate records and provides guidance so that the Board functions according to FOPLA’s by-laws.

Local Committee Representatives

Local committee representatives serve as liaisons between the Board and local committees. They represent bookstore managers and volunteers in response to Board initiatives and policies, and provide critical feedback on how these might be implemented at the local committee level. They provide a key link between our volunteers and the work that is done at the Board level to achieve our mission. Local committee representatives influence and communicate decisions that impact bookstore operations and report information from bookstores. They also take on special projects as required.


Members-at-large manage special projects or provide unique services and perspectives as FOPLA board volunteers.

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